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CSemart 是一个位于马来西亚吉隆玻的網上購物及營銷店。公司是全马拥有最大零售网络的营销公司。在国内已设有600多家分店而在亚太地区的分店也超过1200家。

Csemart 所销售的产品范围甚廣,而且种类与日俱增和日常生活中用品相连 。拥有高品质的保健/营养食品, 居家用品,化妆品,护肤品,滤水系统,厨具,有机食品;和女性塑身专用紧身裤等等的。

我们致力于为客户推荐最优质及创新的产品,进而改善顾客的生活素质, 并为所有会员提供利润丰厚的商业机会。我们的业务愿景是引领每位迈向更健康的生活 ,同时也能够塑造无限的收入新潜能。


CSemart is online shopping and marketing shop in the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.Today Our Largets Retail network marketing company in Malaysia with more than 600 outles locally and total of more than 1,200 outlets locally across the Asia Pacific region.

Boasting and ever growing and diverse range of consumer products,CSemart is synonymous with quality Nutritional Food&Supplements,Home Care, Car Care,Skin Care,Cosmetics,Fragrances,Food&Beverages,Water System,Kitchen & Cookware,and Body Shaping Lingerie & Inner Wear .

We are keep improving our products in good quality and best service,provide more brands and new products for our customers.